‘Arthur works somewhere between the figurative and the semi-abstract. He engages with the formal problems that arise in the process of looking, in its broad sense, to attempt to make something that is a coherent painting.’

‘Prolonged, procrastinated messy chaos… just occasionally organised chaos.’

  • Born March 1951
  • Attended Camberwell School of Art
  • Painter and Printmaker
  • Elected NEAC
  • Teaches summer courses in “En Olivier” nr Toulouse
  • Continues to live and work in Deal close to the sea


  • Regular exhibitor RA Summer Shows 1986 – 2017
  • Lynne Strover Gallery
  • Hilton Fine Art
  • Cadogan Contemporary since 1989 in mixed and solo shows
  • Linden Hall Studio Gallery ‘Two Painters and a Potter’ 2016


  • Hunting / Observer art awards
  • Discerning Eye exhibitions
  • JPS Portrait award
  • 2015 Zsuzsi Roboz Prize
  • 2017 The Woodhay Picture Gallery prize


  • Eight Poems. A Selection of Edward Thomas poems illustrated with etchings
  • R. Jeffries. Illustrated with an etching
  • A Centenary Celebration of the Poetry of Edward Thomas. illus. with etchings